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I Want to Have Our Baby Back Home on Naboo...Where We Can Be Safe

Originally posted on June 15, 2006

 Ani...I want to have our baby back home on Naboo, where no one will know...where we can be safe. Padme' to Anakin, ROTS

These are the words Pame' spoke to Anakin while they are on her balcony his first night back from the Outer Rim...where he intently watches her brushing her hair as she thinks about their baby.   This scene has always made me, I hate to say it, cringe every time I see it...the dialogue is so "out of place," especially when Anakin says to her You are so beautiful. However, I began to think about Padme's words about wanting to have the baby on Naboo...where they would be safe. In a way, these words are almost a foreboding of things to come. I began to wonder what exactly was it that she wanted protection from?

We know the Jedi Order sought younglings at a very young age...could it be that she did not want their child to be raised a Jedi? She knows the Code, for Anakin is a Jedi...although he frequently goes against the Code and makes up his own "rules." Was she afraid that Anakin, her beloved husband, would be expelled from the Order when they discovered the child's parentage? Or was she afraid of what the other Senators would think about her becoming a mother, since many of them did not know of her marriage to Anakin? Further, what would the Republic think about her and about Anakin, their Hero, when the news of the child surfaced? Any of these could be possible explanations for her statement...or it may have resulted from something to which we can only speculate.

The Republic was falling apart, and Padme' knew there was danger everywhere. She always felt safe at home, "hidden" away in the Lake Country...a secluded area where she and Anakin fell in love and were secretly wed. The attack on Coruscant where the Chancellor was "kidnapped" more than likely made her feel vulnerable...considering the Senatorial towers and rotunda were the most secure structures in the capital. If the Chancellor could be taken, then it may be possible someone would take their child to exact revenge for something. Again, I am only speculating here...this may not be the explanation either.

I am only referring to one child here because, as we all know, they believed there to be only one, not two. Padme' only refers to "our child" throughout ROTS, even in her final conversation with Anakin on Mustafar: Come away with me raise our child. It was not known to them until the birth on Polis Massa that there were twins...twins we, as fans, knew about long before.

What are your thoughts on why Padme' wanted to have the baby back home on Naboo? What was it that made her say the words where we can be safe?

 Meditate on this more...I will

Where Science Meets Imagination--a Trip Into the "Unknown"

Originally posted on June 11, 2006


Wow...what a weekend

It started Friday when MO2 and I made the front page for our entries that day...a first for both (I believe). Then, VA2 created another "steamy" entry for us to read and comment on. Next, I find out that MO2 and I live fairly close to one another...such a small world. To top it off, I was able to go to the Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at COSI in Columbus, Ohio. This was the highlight of the weekend. I know, others have written about their trips, but this one is more for "my ladies" (you know who you are  ).

Ever since I found out that the SW exhibit would be coming to Columbus, I knew that I had to go. I was hoping to go opening night last weekend, but, alas, I was unable to get the night off of work. As it was, the person I was going to go with ended up getting sick and was unable to it worked out in the end. However, since I couldn't wait to see the exhibit for myself...I decided that Saturday, June 10, would be the day...and I wasn't disappointed. I got up early, around 8:30am (early for a "night shifter"), and was out the door by 10am. The drive took a little longer than the 2hrs it should have, because of construction...but I finally arrived, in plenty of time to check in and get my ticket. Because I had a little time before I could enter the exhibit, I decided to grab some lunch. The cafeteria was "decked out" in SW stuff...from R2 on the counters to character cut-outs on the wall...I knew that the staff had put a lot of thought into getting visitors excited about the exhibit. When I finished my lunch, it was time for me to make my way toward the exhibit.

I was the first in line for my "time" (the tickets are timed for entry to the exhibit). I had to wait about 5 minutes before I could go in, but it did not seem that long. The walk down the hallway seemed to take forever, but I finally arrived at the door. The first thing I saw was Luke's landspeeder, and it looked just like it did in I knew things were going to get exciting, thinking This is where the fun begins. Around the corner was a display of Anakin from TPM and a Jawa with a miniature sandcrawler, then Sebulba's podracer. As I turned the corner again...I came "face to face" with the costumes worn by Ewan and Hayden themselves in ROTS !!  I just could not believe that I was in the presence of these outfits...I stood there for several moments, studying them. It is amazing how much bigger Hayden is than Ewan...height- and build-wise. I knew there were differences between them in these details, but to actually see it, to me, was amazing.

Around the corner from Anakin and Obi-Wan were a Stormtrooper and a display of blasters and lightsabers...and I must say that these were impressive. Next was a display of Wookies...and I must say that I felt about 2 feet tall standing next to them. Just a couple more display cases down was Han and Chewie...and I started thinking about how jealous HG3 would be right now if she knew what I was looking at   . Not too far away was a model of the Millennium Falcon, with all the details clearly visible. Next to Han and Chewie was Padme'. I must say, this was my disappointment for the day...they only had one of her outfits on display (the others, I believe, are on display at the FIDM in LA (?))--the one she wears when she first met Anakin in TPM. Man, is Natalie tiny  . Next in my line of vision was the display of Leia, R2D2, and C3PO...and I must say, that outfit of Leia's (from ANH--not the Throne Room gown) looks better in person than on film. Natalie is even smaller than Carrie Fisher was at the time of ANH!!

Just a short walk from here was none other than Darth Vader himself...the actual costume from ANH...with the lettering our own DV commented on not too long ago. Again...I felt really short, but taller than the 2 feet I felt next to the Wookies  Next to the Vader case was the helmet worn by Hayden in ROTS!!!! It was in 3 pieces, so you could see the details of every piece. Man, does the inside of the mask look painful  ...but, again, I could not believe I was in the presence of these items (costume and helmet)...iconic symbols of our fandom, of our time, so I stood in awe for a few minutes. Here, someone tried to ruin my excitement for this exhibit and the display in front of which I was standing (DV)...a guy walked up and stared saying to me how disappointed he was with the exhibit and that the helmet looked like "the ones you can buy in the store."   I couldn't believe my ears...could a "fan" really be saying these things? I just smiled and walked around the corner, where I saw none other than...Anakin's mechanical hand from AOTC   (looks just like in the movie...but, of course with more visible detail in "real life").

Finally, I made my way over to the Falcon simulation. Unlike in Boston, this was included in the ticket price here. I waited about 45 minutes before I finally entered. I felt like I was entering the "real" thing...the set-up was so close to what we know from the saga it was eerie. The wait was worth it...although the simulation was only about 4-5minutes long. I really felt, at times, like I was traveling through hyperspace. Of course, there were lots of other things to see, but I'm "hitting" the highlights for me. I did not have the opportunity to experience the interactive portions of the exhibit...there were too many padawnas there. However, if I do have the chance to return later this summer, I will definitely try these thing out.

Before any of you ask about pictures...I did take about 3 rolls of film. I do not, however have a digital camera, so I won't be able to post them for you  . If you go to the COSI web site, you will find picutres they posted...picutres detailing the exhibit from the arrival of the semis to the opening weekend events. If any of you are in the Columbus, Ohio area this summer, I highly recommend visiting COSI and seeing the exhibit for yourselves (it's here through Sept 4, and then will be traveling further west and, then making its way across the country therafter). I hope some of you will be able to experience this and...May the Force Be With You.

The Anakin Infatuation

Originally posted June 9, 2006

There has been a lot of talk lately about Anakin and his "unmentionable" Force abilities. This entry goes out to "my gals:" VA2, AS1, HG3, Ami, Master Andy, MO2, and all those who responded to the other entries. This is also my attempt to "lighten up" the mood from my previous entries...hopefully it works out ok.

All right, the question I am posing here today is...What is it about Anakin that has driven all of us to this infatuation...this infatuation that began in an entry by HG3 and has "exploded" (no pun intended  ) into entries by VA2, AS1, MO2, and even Wampa Jedi? We all know where the discussion has taken us up to this point   , but I'm curious as to what "traits" of Anakin's (besides the obvious--powerful Force abilities, fabulous 6-pack, gorgeous while "sweating"...   ) make each of us "swoon."

For me, Anakin is everything I'm not...he's adventurous, unafraid to go against the "grain" (that one's for you VA2  ), unafraid to occasionally "throw caution to the wind." As anakinside1 quoted in her last entry: "He is a wild creature who has come gently to her hand..." Anakin is a force of nature, a whirlwind of emotion. He comes on strong and fierce in everything he does. He is like the electricity in lightening, the sound in thunder, there is no need for him to reach out into the force because there is no part of him that is not in it all the time. This essentially sums up the qualities in Anakin that have "pushed" me into this "infatuation" of sorts. It also helps that he has "killer" eyes...eyes that, when they look deeply into yours, you know that they're meant for you...and a confidence that exudes sensuality...a trait I just love in a man.

He's strong, yet gentle; he's confident, yet unsure; he's simple, yet complicated...all conflicting traits that would make being with him mysterious, exciting, and adventurous, never dull. It is all of these combined that have often made me wish there really was an Anakin and I really was his Padme'...or that I would be able to experience a love like theirs. Yes, I know that this "story" is not real and that this is a fantasy...but who can blame me for wishing?   Who knows, maybe someday I will meet "my Anakin" and life will be filled with love and adventure. it's your turn. Tell me what inspires you about Anakin, what it is that makes you all "warm and fuzzy" inside when you see or think about him. Curious I am

From a Certain Point of View--"Deception" in the OT

Originally posted on June 6, 2006

 You told me Vader betrayed and murdered my father. Luke to Obi-Wan, ROTJ

What I told you was true...from a certain point of view. Obi-Wan to Luke, ROTJ

This entry is a continuation of what I stared to discuss in my previous entry on deception in the SW saga. Now, those of us who grew up with the OT were not aware of any deception until ESB was released and it was revealed that Darth Vader was Luke's father. Following this revelation, we had another "shocker" when ROTJ was released...Luke and Leia were twins. Now the plot thickened...who else knew of this informaiton and how long did they know? After the release of the PT, we now know, and it made sense as to why these things were kept "secret:" for the safety of all involved. Now the question is this deception "played out" in the OT and how dies it "fit" with the plot of the PT?

A New Hope

ANH, what I consider the first episode of the saga (rather than TPM), is the introduction to all we have come to know and love. We are introduced to two droids named C3PO and R2D2, a Princess named Leia, a young moisture farmer named Luke Skywalker, an "old hermit" named Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, a "scoundrel" named Han Solo, and a Wookie named Chewbacca. Without knowing the entire SW story, one would not suspect any deception here...the only "true" deception was made by Leia by naming the Rebel base as Dantooine rather than Yavin. The next deception was made by Tarkin, who "tricked" Leia into naming the system of the Rebel base in order to save her home planet, and then destroying it anyway. After knowing the "whole story," we know that deception was the basis for the lives of Luke, Leia, and old Ben.

Nothing was as it seemed in those first years of the saga. Now, we don't know what Leia knew about her "real parents," but we can be fairly sure that she knew something...maybe not all the details, but at least some of them. However, Lukes' knowledge of his father was purposefully misconstrued to protect his identity and the "hope" of a better galaxy. From Owen and Beru to Ben, the truth about Anakin was never told...he was a pilot on a spice freighter, not one of the most powerful Jedi Knights of his time...that is, until Luke came across 3PO and R2, and then the time was right to make Obi-Wan's presence known to the Empire and to train Luke as a Jedi to ensure the "survival" of the Order/Galaxy. In order to do this, Ben had to entice Luke to join him by telling him a version of the truth about his father...that he was a Jedi Knight and a good friend. Now the plan was in motion...escape from Tatooine with the assistance of Han and Chewie, deliver the Death Star plans to Leia and the Rebel Alliance, rescue Leia, join the Rebels, and destroy the Death Star. In the meantime, Ben confronted Vader for the first time in approximately twenty years and sacrificed himself so that Luke could continue on his own path...whatever that may be.

Empire Strikes Back

ESB is what I consider the pinnacle of the is where the "truth" of what happened long ago is is where the "shot heard around the world," so to say, is delivered. Here, we are introduced to Yoda, a former Jedi Master, who has exiled himself on Dagobah for the past twenty or so years. Through Yoda, Luke embarks on journey into a whole "new world"...the world of the Jedi, a world of discipline, a world where this mysterious Force "controlls" everything. Luke learns more about Vader and the seduction of the Dark Side. He faces his "fears" in the cave, and "fails" at this test set by Yoda...a test to determine how "ready" he is for the life of a Jedi. He has visions of Han and Leia suffering...visions sent to establish a "trap" to lure him to Bespin. Little does Luke know that Vader is waiting for him...waiting to lure him to the Dark Side, to join him and his Master in ruling the galaxy.

In an effort to elude the Empire, Han, Leia, and Chewie sought refuge through an "old friend" of Han's--Lando Calrissian, now the port administrator on Bespin. Little does the trio know, however, that Lando "sold them out" to the Empire through a Bounty Hunter named Boba Fett...a long-time nemesis from the time of the Old Republic. It is here that Vader's "trap" for Luke is established...and it worked as planned, to a certain degree. However, Vader did not plan on Luke having learned "so much" about the Force and how to control his feelings. Vader's last-ditch effort to convince Luke to join him was to tell him the "truth" about his father...Ob-Wan never told you what happened to your father...No, *I* am your father. Of course, Luke was upset by this information, this "deception" (if you will) by Ben and Yoda, this "lie" he had been living for all of his life. However, he did not let this information sway him from the "light," and he let fate decide his destiny when he jumped. He called on Leia for help...Leia, who heard his "cry" through the Force...Leia who did not know why she could hear him and why she knew where to find him. As Yoda said before Luke left Dagobah...No, there is another...maybe Leia was this "other?"

Return of the Jedi

ROTJ is where we learn even more about our beloved saga...we learn more about Anakin and Vader, we learn more about the Emperor, we learn more about Luke and Leia, and we learn more about the "deception" surrounding the lives of our heros. Luke learns from Yoda that Vader is his father and that there is another Skywalker. Upon hearing this, Luke displays surprise and sadness...sadness more a result of the death of Yoda. Through Ben, Luke discovers the truth about his father and his "long-lost sibling"...he learns that Anakin was seduced by the Dark Side and ceased to be, becoming Darth Vader; he learns that his father is more machine now than man...twisted and evil; he learns that he and his twin sister had been separated following birth to protect them and that she remains safely anonymous. However, Luke "reaches out" through the Force and knows that Leia is his sister...however, Ben warns him that his insights serve [him] well, but they could be made to serve the Emperor. Now Luke's "mission" is to save the Rebellion, the Galaxy, and his father.

Armed with this "new" information, Luke returns to join the Alliance and volunteers to accompany Han, Chewie, and Leia on their mission to deactivate the energy shield on Endor. As the crew approaches the Second Death Star and Endor, Luke fears he has endagered the mission, for he sense Vader...and Vader senses Luke. Vader's mission now is to bring his son before the "force" him to turn from the light. Prior to Luke's leaving the Ewok camp, he confides in Leia about his "mission," about the fact that Vader is his father, and about the fact that they are twins. Luke then surrenders himself to Vader in the hopes of saving Anakin, his father. This confrontation on the bridge on Endor is where I can see the "turning point"...the point where Vader is losing his "battle" with Anakin, and Anakin is trying to emerge from the Darkness. As the two duel aboard the Death Star, Luke finds himself unwittingly divulging information about his sister, and then finds himself "teetering" on the edge of the Dark Side. However, when Luke takes a moment to pause after "defeating" Vader, he realizes that Anakin had once traveled this path and that is not what he wanted for his life. He offers himself as a "sacrifice" to the Emperor by tossing his lightsaber...again leaving his destiny to fate. While watching Palpatine bombard his son with lightening, Anakin (not Vader) could no longer take the deception of the Dark Side, and left his destiny to fate by destroying Palpatine. Finally, after years of lies, deceit, and mistrust, Anakin re-emerged and fulfilled his role as the "Chosen One," becoming one with the Force.

After ROTJ, it was "clear" why deception existed in the protect the "hope" of the Galaxy, Luke and Leia. However, it would be another sixteen years before we learned the story of Anakin Skywalker and how he went from a young slave on Tatooine to becoming a powerful Jedi to becoming the feared Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. From the time of the OT, it was evident that Obi-Wan did not believe that Anakin/Vader could be was Luke who believed this and did everything he could to help Anakin. What we did not know is why Luke believed this so strongly when everyone around him did not. Following the release of ROTS, we can speculate that it was Padme' who set these feelings in it a coincidence that her last words to Obi-Wan were that there is good in him..I know...there is still..., and that Obi-Wan just happened to be holding Luke at the time  . I think not.

Any thoughts/questions/suggestions? I realize this is not an "all-inclusive" discussion on deception in the SW is meant to get all of you thinking about it and what it means. Thank you all. May the Force Be With You...Always

A Tangled Web of Deception--The Prequels

Originally posted on May 31, 2006

 I'm tired of all this deception...I don't care if they know that we're married. Anakin to Padmé, ROTS

Anakin...don't say things like that. Padmé to Anakin, ROTS

I've been thinking about the theme of deception that carries the PT from beginning to end, and not as a "response" to anyone's blog entry in particular. I was thinking about this over the past week, but could not get my thoughts in line enough to form a "decent" entry. However, that "writer's block" has been lifted, and here we are. From the beginning of TPM a wide array of deception envelops the galaxy, from the upper levels of the government downward. This deception becomes more involved and intricate as the PT evolves, ending with the "creation" of the First Galactic Empire and of Darth Vader and with the rise of the Sith. The deception so rampant in the PT does not end at the conclusion of ROTS, continues throughout the OT as well, "hitting" its climax in ESB and spiraling from there, but that is for another entry.

Warning: This is a long one (and primarily a summary of "themes)

The Phantom Menace-Dark Forces Plotting...Rising

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we shall have revenge. Darth Maul

This line essentially sums up the main point of deception of TPM-the rise of the Sith. The Trade Federation blockade of Naboo was orchestrated by the Sith as a way to gain more control over the galaxy and instill the feeling of mistrust in the Senate's ability to negotiate and "work" for the people. Queen Amidala escapes the blockade with a Royal crew and two Jedi Knights sent to negotiate a settlement with the Trade Federation. She eventually arrives on Coruscant, where Senator Palpatine convinces her to suggest a vote of No Confidence in Chancellor Valorum's leadership if a decision regarding the invasion cannot be reached without going to committee. The ultimate plan here is for Palpatine to be nominated for and elected as the Supreme Chancellor, the next step toward total Galactic domination.

In a detour on the way to Coruscant, the escapees from Naboo landed on Tatooine, a remote planed in the Outer Rim out of control of the Trade Federation. Here, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Queen Amidala (dressed as a handmaiden) meet Anakin Skywalker, a young slave boy. Qui-Gon senses the Force within young Skywalker, and takes it upon himself to help "win" his freedom from slavery. To do this, Qui-Gon deceived Watto, Anakin's "master," into entering Anakin in the Boonta Eve pod-race, primarily under the guise of obtaining the parts required to repair the Royal cruiser. He then influenced the chance cube into making Anakin the one who will be freed upon Anakin winning the race. Sidious sends Darth Maul to find and kill the Jedi and to force Queen Amidala back to Naboo to sign the Trade Federation's treaty. He successfully killed Qui-Gon on Naboo, but made a fatal error with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon's padawan. Obi-Wan promised a dying Qui-Gon that he will train Anakin, for he is the assumed Chosen One. Obi-Wan convinced Master Yoda to allow him to train Anakin, despite reservations by both Jedi regarding this matter: Great danger I fear in his training (Yoda to Obi-Wan). It is after the defeat of Darth Maul and the destruction of the Trade Federation control ship that now Chancellor Palpatine meets Anakin, saying as for you young Skywalker...we will watch your career with great interest. Now his sights are set on this young, recently-freed slave boy from Tatooine, as his future apprentice.

Attack of the Clones-Darkness thickens; an army built for one purpose; a Forbidden Love

Master Yoda...Do you think it will really come to war? Palpatine to Yoda
The Dark Side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is. Yoda to Palpatine

Here the plot thickens. The Separatists have disrupted negotiations to maintain peace in the galaxy...and are planning to push the Jedi into war. The Separatists are under the influence/guidance of a Sith Lord, Darth Tyranus, a former Jedi. The Senate is now under the control of a Sith Lord, the Master, Darth Sidious. The Jedi are also under the influence of the Sith, although their vision of the future is clouded and they are unable to see this threat. The Sith continue to build mistrust in the current democracy of the Old Republic through the threat of the Separatists and of an impending "war."

In their search for the bounty hunter responsible for the assassination attempts on Senator Amidala, the Jedi, through Obi-Wan, "discover" the creation of a clone army supposedly ordered by the Jedi and Senate. However, as we later discover, this army was essentially "ordered" by the part of their plot to overtake the Republic. Now, we all know that Padmé was opposed to the creation of an army for the Republic, but she placed Jar-Jar in charge of making the decisions for her while she was away...a choice which had dire consequences. While discussing the clones with the Loyalist Committee, Palpatine and his aides suggested that someone make the suggestion to grant the Chancellor emergency powers to authorize the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic...and this "person" was Jar-Jar. He was so easily manipulated that he had no problem making this suggestion to the Senate, thus granting the Sith Lord even more powers. When confronted with the "truth" about the Sith controlling the Senate, Yoda replies to Obi-Wan: Joined the Dark Side, Dooku has. Lies, deceit, creating mistrust are his ways now.

On the planet of Naboo, young Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala are now alone ten years after meeting. He has now grown and "matured" from a nine-year-old slave boy into a Jedi Padawan nearly ready for Knighthood. She has gone from being Queen of her planet to representing her people in the Senate, a powerful leader in the Republic, a leader some want dead. Anakin has been assigned to protect her from these assassins, but finds himself falling deeper in love with her than ever. She also finds herself falling for him, experiencing feelings she had never experienced before. They fight this temptation, as Padmé appears to have the more level head in this situation: we live in the real world, come back to it...We would be forced to live a lie. Anakin reluctantly agrees: You're right, it would destroy us. When faced with the possibility of death, Padmé confesses her feelings to Anakin, setting in motion the "life of deception" she fought so hard to avoid. As the two secretly wed on Naboo, the Clone War had been declared: the Jedi and galaxy in for the "fight of their lives."

Revenge of the Sith-Darkness envelops the galaxy; a Hero falls; a Forbidden Love is lost

We were deceived by a lie... Obi-Wan to Padmé

This entire film was built on was the climax of the Prequels in this respect. The Chancellor had been "kidnapped," and Obi-Wan and Anakin were "sent" to free him. Little did anyone know, however, that Palpatine had orchestrated his "kidnapping" himself under the guise of Sidious. He convinced Grievous to take the Chancellor hostage to force negotiations for the end of the war (I'm going by what I remember from LOE and the ROTS novelization). Upon returning to Coruscant, Palpatine continued his duties as Chancellor, continuing to work toward his ultimate goal...convincing Anakin to join him, destroying the Jedi, and controlling the galaxy as Emperor. He tactifully orchestrated Anakin's mistrust in all he loved...Padmé, Obi-Wan, the Jedi...until he "willfully" joined the Dark Side and became a Sith Lord. Anakin and total Galactic domination were the ultimate prize for Palpatine, and he did not care who was hurt along the way. This was the ultimate "revenge" against the Republic and the Jedi, institutions which had stood for combined thousands of years.

Some of Anakin's first words to Padmé upon returning from the Outer Rim Sieges were: I'm tired of all this deception...I don't care if they know that we're married. Padmé responded to this with: Anakin, don't say things like that. She then informs him that she is pregnant and looks to him for guidance: What are we going to do? Later, when Anakin awakens from a nightmare about Padmé, she becomes worried when he doesn't want to discuss it: How long is it going to take us to be honest with each other? In a way, she is tired of the deception...the deception occurring in the Senate, the deception caused by the war, and the deception she senses between them. She wants some honesty in the one thing that feels "normal" to her: her love with Anakin.

As the days pass, more deception occurs not only between Anakin and Padmé but also among Padmé and her colleagues in the Senate. The "seeds of the Rebellion" are planted during this time, and Padmé wants nothing more than to tell discuss this "dilemma" with him. Palpatine knows of this deception in the Senate, and uses Padmé's leadership in this "Rebellion" to convince Anakin that she is not to be trusted and that there are other things occurring in her life that she has not totally been honest about. Of course Anakin "jumps" at this...after all, why would a trusted mentor, a friend, lie to him about this information? However, Anakin's love for Padmé was still so strong as to overcome these "lies," and he wanted nothing else but to save her from his nightmares. Palpatine knows this, and eventually convinces him to join the Dark Side...the only way to save Padmé (according to Palpatine). However, the lies, deceit, and mistrust of the Sith are what cause Anakin to "turn" on Padmé, the one for which he committed those atrocious acts against the Jedi and Separatist leaders, and to become fully enveloped by his hatred that he let go and allowed Darth Vader to overtake him for the next twenty or so years...until his son saves him from this evil.

Now, some may argue that the deception created through the forbidden love between Anakin and Padme' are to blame for Anakin's fall and the demise of the Old Republic. However, as I have discussed here, much more was involved in this "fall:" the rise of Sidious/Palpatine to the upper levels of the Galactic Senate; the formation of the Separatist movement; the declaration of the Clone Wars agains the Separatists; and the rampant deception and mistrust running through the galaxy. Sure, Anakin's love for Padme' eventually led him to turn, but so much more was involved in this, and things ended tragically for our Hero.

Promises made...Promises broken?

Originally posted on May 23, 2006

I'm not going to die in childbirth, Ani. I promsie you. Padme' to Anakin, ROTS
No...I promise you. Anakin to Padme', ROTS

I was watching AOTC last night and noticed something: promises. Then I began to think about the PT, and again I noticed something: promises. Now, were these promises that were made, mostly by Anakin to the women in his life, made to be broken? At first glance, it would appear to be so. However, when you look "deeper," many of these promises were not broken...rather, they were kept, but in a round about way.

I will come back and free you mom...I promise. Anakin to Shmi, TPM

When Anakin made the choice to join Qui-Gon and crew to Coruscant, he made the promise to his mother that he would return to free her. Did Anakin really free her? Yes..the day he left Tatooine to pursue his training as a Jedi. This action allowed her to "pursue" the life she wanted for herself...without worrying about her son and what this life would do to him. Then, sometime between the time Anakin left and the time he returned to find her, Shmi had been freed from Watto and married a man with a family of his own. Anakin's nightmares of his mother's suffering were true, and he did free her from the Tusken's; however, as I have already said, Anakin gave her freedom the day he left Tatooine.

We'll find out who's trying to kill you Padme'...I promise. Anakin to Padme', AOTC 

When Obi-Wan told Padme' that they were there to protect her, not to start an investigation, Anakin promptly responded with this statement. Initially he was trying to impress her, to "steal" her attention away from Obi-Wan. He was making promises Obi-Wan did not think could be it was their mandate to protect her, not to find the assassin. This mandate, however, changed after confronting Zam: Obi-Wan was ordered to find the bounty hunter responsible for hiring Zam, and Anakin was ordered to continue protecting Padme'. Did they find who was trying to kill Padme'? Yes...but it was Obi-Wan alone who did this. Anakin, as we all know, spent his time with Padme', trying to "court" her, his focus on Padme' and the nightmares about his mother...not on trying to find the assassin.

You're not all powerful...
I should be. Some day I will be. I'll be the most powerful Jedi ever. I promise you. Anakin to Padme', AOTC

This conversation occurred between Padme' and Anakin following Shmi's death and prior to Anakin's confession to Padme' about killing all of the Tuskens at the camp. Did Anakin become the most powerful Jedi ever? a way, he did. During the Clone Wars, his powers grew...he thrived on conflict, in battle. Not only did his Jedi powers grow, but also did his Dark was these Dark powers that gave him the reputation as the "Hero with no fear." We all know what happened when he let his fears take control of him...Darth Vader took over for the Anakin we all grew to love. However, in the end, it was Anakin, not Vader, who emerged, allowing the Light to overcome the Dark, thereby fulfilling his destiny, becoming one with the Force. Some may argue that Luke was the most powerful Jedi ever...but to me, Anakin was because he overcame such adversity in his life and remembered what was important...Love.

I wasn't strong enough to save you mom...I wasn't strong enough...I won't let this happen again. I promise. Anakin at Shmi's burial, AOTC

Anakin made yet another promise to his mother...this time during her burial, her memorial. He was feeling regret for not coming earlier to "save" her...and did not want to re-experience this. Did he keep this promise? Well...this one is up for debate. He tried to save Padme' from a similar fate; however, he was unable to overtake Vader to prevent this from happening. On the other hand...Padme' gave herself freely to fate, and continued on through her children, their children. effect, Anakin kept this promise through his children, children he did not, for twenty-plus years, know had survived.

And now...

I'm not going to die in childbirth, Ani. I promise you. Padme' to Anakin, ROTS
No...I promise you. Anakin to Padme', ROTS

Again, as we all know, these words were spoken between Padme' and Anakin in ROTS after he discusses how "lost" he feels. Anakin tells Padme' I found a way to save you...from my nightmares. The "promise" of saving his loved one came from none other than our dear old friend Palpatine. Anakin was determined to find a way to not let Padme' die. Anakin did keep his "promise" about having found a way to save her...however, it was Vader who led to her death. Padme' did die, physically, following childbirth...however, this does not mean that she died spiritually. As I have said before, she continued living through her children...helping to bring Anakin back from the Dark. She kept her promise to Anakin, but not in the way he wanted her...alive physically.

Just like Anakin and Padme', we all make promises...some we will keep and some we will not and some we know we will never keep. The whole idea of promising is something to which I have never given a second thought. Should we make promises to ourselves, to others if we don't know if we'll be able to keep them?   This I don't have an answer to. Maybe the act of making promises is our way of telling ourselves and others that we want to do what we can...but is saying "I promise" the correct way of doing it?  Again, I don't have an answer to this. Thoughts?

May the Force Be With You.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I don't know you anymore...You've changed

Originally posted on May 21, 2006

 Obi-Wan was right...You've changed...I don't know you anymore. Anakin, you're breaking my heart. Padme' to Anakin, ROTS

I've been thinking about this for a few days now, since a blog by viagoangel2 about the blinding nature of love. This blindness runs true in Star Wars and in real life. My comments on this blog were:

Love can blind one to so many things...we want to believe that the one we love can do no wrong. This blindness can have dire consequences, as it truly does have here in the saga...The people of the galaxy saw [Anakin], as you said, as the "Hero with NO fear." This is a big expectation to live up to. Nobody truly knew Anakin, the person, except for maybe Padme'. But...does anyone truly know anyone else? I think that is the bigger question, and what leads us to be blinded to others...that is, in addition to the blindness created by love.

But...does anyone truly know anyone else?

This is the question that I have been thinking about more since I originally posted it. So...just how well do we really know the people in our lives? Further, how well do we really know ourselves? (Now I feel like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City   ) I think we all put on different facades depending on where we are or who we are with...we put forth the "face" that others come to know. Whether we are out in public (alone or with others), with friends, with family, with co-workers, or at home alone, we can readily change how we portray ourselves. I know that, although I try to remain "true" to myself and who I am, I often find myself showing a different "face" of my personality depending on who I'm with and where I am--my family knows one side of me, my friends another, and my co-workers yet another.

The situation often dictates what I let others "see." Just recently a co-worker of mine got married, and we (a group of fellow co-workers) threw her a bridal shower/bachelorette party. I surprised some by the gift I chose for her (some lingere) and by how open I was in later discussions--these co-workers said they always thought I was more "conservative" and "quiet," and that they enjoyed getting to know me a little more. I was equally surprised by a few of my co-workers, and also enjoyed getting to know them a little more. Last summer, I attended my High School Class' 10 year event I was looking forward to. It is amazing how people change after being away from them so long, people you essentially "grew up" with. For me, it was an awakening. I knew that I had changed, mostly for the better, since attending college and entering my line of work. People who knew me in High School recognized me physically. However, as I was told by many, they did not recognize me personality-wise...I had become more out-going and not as afraid to take a risk as I used to be, and I thank my "real world" experiences for these changes. These are just two incidences of allowing the situation to dictate how I allow others to see me...and how their perceptions changed after spending time together outside of the "usual" environment.

Now to the Star Wars part of this discussion:

Did Padme' really know Anakin?

This is another question that came up in the blog discussion. As I replied...
Nobody truly knew Anakin, the person, except for maybe Padme'. Here, I was trying to allude to the fact that she knew him the most of everyone in his life, but maybe not as well as she should have. They met when they were still "kids:" she 14 y/o, he 9 y/o; she a "handmaiden", he a slave; she a Queen, he a newly "named" Jedi padawan. They reconnected ten years later, after both had grown both in age/maturity and in their "professional" lives: she how 24 y/o, he 19 y/o; she a Senator, he a Jedi (although still a padawan), she in need of protection from assassins, he assigned to protect her. Their love for one another grew during their time together, culminating in marriage. During the next three years, the Clone Wars kept them apart...she continuing her Senatorial duties, he continuing his Jedi duties. They barely saw each other during this time, save for the brief periods he was in the capital. He returns from the Outer Rim Seiges to "rescue" the "kidnapped" Chancellor, his mentor, and receives the news that he is going to be a father. When he came back, he wanted everything to be the way it used to, but she changed...she was pregnant.

Throughout the ensuing days, Anakin became more and more troubled, namely the result of his nightmares about her dying in childbirth. He was afraid to lose her...and he really didn't know to whom he should turn for help. He conveys his fears to her following the "nightmare," the "vision"...but she asks do you think Obi-Wan might be able to help?, to which he promptly replies we don't need his help. He then tries talking to Yoda...but is told to train [himself] to let go of everything [he fears] to lose, something he knows he cannot do. He continues searching for answers to these dreams...and Palpatine provides a "suggestion" on a way to save the ones he cares about from dying through the help of the Dark Side of the Force. Now Anakin is "hooked"--he has to find out how this "power" is achieved...but can only access the archives related to this by obtaining the rank of Master, a title he is promptly denied. When he talks with Padme' about feeling lost, she really didn't seem to understand why he was saying this. She tried to comfort him the only way she knew how, hoping it would work like it always had. However, this did not work this time...and he "found" what he needed through Palpatine, and pledged himself to the Dark Side teachings, just so that he could save Padme', the one he could not live without.

we want to believe that the one we love can do no wrong.

This is what Padme' wanted to believe. Until the very end, she held out hope that he would listen to her and follow her to wherever she would go. As she watched the Temple burn, she wanted to believe that Anakin was ok and that he was not involved in what was happening there. When Obi-Wan confronted her with what he saw on the security hologram, she did not want to believe him, saying you're wrong...he couldn't. When she confronted Anakin on Mustafar, she could not believe what she heard coming from his mouth. It was at this point that she knew that he had changed, that he really had committed the atrocities she feared, and that things would never be the same...even as she tried to "coax" him back to the light, to leave everything else help [her] raise their child. In the end, Vader won out over Anakin...and ruled the galaxy until Luke, Padme' and Anakin's son, "coaxed" Anakin back from the Dark, forgiving him for all the wrong he had done.

Thoughts...anyone? MTFBWY

Birth and Rebirth...and Everything In-Between

Originally posted on May 18, 2006

Birth and Rebirth is a central theme in the Star Wars Saga. Whether it be the birth of the Chosen One and his rebirth through the redemption by his son, or the birth of the galaxy's New Hope and the rebirth of peace long lost, it is not difficult to see that this is a major idea Mr. Lucas is trying to get through to us. The Everything In-Between part of this process includes Life and Death, whether the death is actual physical death or is metaphorical in the more spiritual sense, having one's identity/soul die but their physical form not.

For life to happen, there must be birth...but what does this rebirth have to do with anything? I have been thinking about this for a while now, and have realized how much this Star Wars "theme" also resonates in real life. My thoughts on this topic have been fueled in the past week by the season finale of Grey's Anatomy, where a central theme was organ donation and the chance for new life. These thoughts have also been fueled as the result of two young children dying and the families deciding to provide new life, new hope, to others through the "gift" of organ donation. It is always sad when a child dies...all the hopes and dreams of a long healthy life suddenly shattered in a moments notice. Events like these make you stop and think about just how precious life really is. These children were born (Birth), lived, and then died. However, there was a Rebirth of sorts when those organs were donated. Someone who was clinging to life was afforded a second chance...albiet secondary to someone else's tragedy. A part of that precious child will always live on...and I've heard stories of people who had received donated organs not completely feeling like themselves "someone else" had taken over part of their soul. I've also heard families of the donors say that, when they met the recipient (not a requirement), they felt their loved one's presence with that stranger. This always gives me chills thinking about it...but it also gives me comfort knowing that these individuals have found peace in their decision. 

I have been part of the organ donation process more than I would like to say...but it always amazes me how much work, how much "heart and soul" goes into this. I'm not going to bore you all with a description of this process, but, believe me, it is amazing. We're not a transplant center, but we do participate in the process by assisting in the donation process and by caring for pre- and post-transplant recipients. I have seen all aspects of this Birth-Life-Death-Rebirth continuum, and it still makes me stop and think just how far things have come in the medical world. New hopes and dreams are formed out of others' tragedies...but the families that provide these hopes typically feel more at peace after making that horrible decision. change the focus of this depressing discussion...the Birth-Life-Death-Rebirth continuum in the Star Wars world is, for the most part, much happier. Although there is pain, suffering, and death involved in this process, the Light inevitably overcomes the Dark. Here, I will "translate" this process in terms of the story line:

Anakin was born of the Force and lived his life as a son, slave, Jedi, husband; he "died" at the hands of the Sith and was reborn as Darth Vader, living a life of pain and suffering until his son decided to save him; and then was reborn as Anakin Skywalker. Padme' was born, maybe not of the Force per se but as an Agent of the Force (see my blogs for more on this) and lived her life as a daughter, sister, Queen, Senator, wife; she died as a result of her husband losing his soul, not at the hands of her husband; and was reborn through her children, who in turn lived out her legacy. Luke was born as a result of his parents' love and lived his life as a "son" (nephew to be exact), farmboy, and adventure-seeker; he "died" the day he found out that Vader was his father; and was reborn a Jedi with the goal of saving Anakin and helping to restore peace to the galaxy (I cannot think of much regarding Leia along this continuum, so I'm not including her here). The same can be said about the galaxy: the Old Republic was born after years of war and lived in relative peace until the Sith came to power; it died at the hands of the Sith, was reborn as the First Galactic Empire, and lived under the tyrranical rule of the Sith until the "Son of Skywalker" saved his father, who overthrew the Sith; and was reborn into the New Republic (I'm only looking at the PT - OT, not any EU). 

The Star Wars saga contains many parallels to today's world...and the lessons that go along with them. The central theme of Birth and Rebirth resonates so true in so many ways for so many people. Not only is this evident in the medical world (of which I am a part), but also it is evident in the lives of everyday people through revelations that they can change their lives, becoming a better person for it.

May the Force Be With You...Always

Do you remember your mother...?

Originally posted on May 15, 2006

Do you remember your mother...your real mother? Luke to Leia, ROTJ 

What powerful words these are. The mere mention of the word mother in the OT is significant. However, we really do not hear this word until ROTJ when Luke is curious about what Leia "remembers" about their mother. 

In honor of Mother's Day yesterday, I thought it appropriate to add this entry here today. Yes, I know that I am a day late, but I lost track of time yesterday to write these thoughts. No, this is not going to be about how Leia remembers Padme' and Luke not...this has already been addressed. Rather, I want to explore the concept of mother in the Star Wars universe and its significance here. The concept of father is well addressed: from Leia saying to Obi-Wan in ANH you served my father during the Clone Wars, to Luke asking Obi-Wan about his father, to Vader telling Luke that he is his father, to Luke realizing that Vader was Anakin and then to his quest to save his father. However, the exploration of mother is not as well-developed. Why do we not hear more about "mother" in the OT until the end...and then only briefly and then not again until the PT?

We all know that it takes two to create life: a mother and a father (although in terms of Anakin's paternity, room for argument exists). Without the mother, there could be no child: she is the one who carries the child for nine months (give of take), gives birth to the child, and then cares for the child during those first critical months. However, without the father there could also be no child, and fathers are now beginning to take more active roles in caring for young children. 

Looking at the PT, the concept/role of mother is well constructed and defined. Without Shmi, Anakin, as we knew him in TPM, would not have been. When Qui-Gon asks her about the father, she tells him there was no father. Some may argue here that she was embarrased by who the father was, she may not remember the father, or there really was "no father." She, after all, was the one who carried him, gave birth to him, and raised him to the best of her ability. The bond between Shmi and Anakin was evidenced by how he could sense that she was in danger. Fast forward to AOTC: Anakin tells Obi-Wan about the dreams he's been having about his mother, but is then told that dreams pass in time. He then tells Padme' about the dreams when she confronts him about the nightmares she heard, and tells her that he must go to her, where he finds her moments from death. His inability to save her from this "fate" haunts him for years, until he dreams about Padme' dying in childbirth. Now, the love of his life, his wife is going to be a mother, and he just cannot lose her, like I did my mother. He's willing to do anything to prevent the past from repeating itself. Padme' did end up dying...and to me it was because Anakin's soul had been destroyed by Vader. However, she gave the galaxy a new hope in the two children she carried.

Now, looking at the OT, as I said previously, the concept/role of mother was not as well constructed or defined as it was in the PT. Ok, now I know this was made before the PT, before GL knew that the saga would truly be about Anakin. However, the only women of "importance" in ANH were Beru and Leia. Beru was always addressed by Luke as Aunt Beru, not mother. Leia only mentions her "father" (of course, referring to Bail, her adoptive father). Throughout the OT, though, Leia does display some "motherly" qualities...when she rescues Luke from Cloud City in ESB and tends to his wounds is the one that immediatley comes to mind. However, my view on this has been altered, thanks to Kenobi-fan and, it is not so much Leia displaying these qualities, it is Padme' making herself "known" through Leia and then later through Luke. The most significant moment for me in the OT is when Luke asks Leia what she remembers about her mother, their mother (although of course she doesn't know this at the time). I know that he is leading into the "announcement' that they are twins, but he's curious. 

I can't imagine what it would be like to have my father turn evil and betray all he knows and loves, to have my mother die shortly after giving birth, to be separated from my twin brother/sister, to be raised by two different families on two different planets at two different ends of the galaxy, and then to be reunited with my "evil" father and my long-lost brother/sister. That's a lot to take in...and I would be curious about my mother as well. As a couple of other bloggers have said recently...Padme' deserves to be given more credit for what she accomplished in her life, and it would be nice to see her "legacy" added to the OT, even if it is just added to what either Leia or Luke, or both, know about her. Mothers are important in everyones lives...and I like to think that behind every strong "man" is a stronger woman, whether it be his wife or his mother.

May the Force Be With You 

A Guardian Angel?

Originally Posted on May 12, 2006

 Are you an angel? Anakin Skywalker, TPM

Yes, I know I started with the same quote as I did on my previous entry. However, it bears repeating here. The issue of angels has appeared in a few blogs over the past couple of days, and it got me to thinking: Guardian they truly exist? I believe that they do, and they often "appear" to us in our times of greatest need. This entry was originally only going to look at Padme' and how I believe her to be Anakin's Guardian Angel, but my ideas took a different turn after reading something this evening.

I work as a nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at a pediatric hospital, and I encounter children with life-threatening illnesses and injuries on a daily basis. As an employee and donor, I receive a quarterly publication providing updates on the facility. Also included in these publications are descriptions of "Miracle Children" who have beaten the odds and are now thiving thanks to "our" care. Anyway, one of the children featured this quarter was an adolescent girl who had sustained severe injuries from being hit by a car and thrown into the air. Her best friend had died immediately, but this girl survived, albiet barely. The title of her "article," Angels watching over me, describes how her best friend spoke to her and told her that everything was going to be ok...that she was going with the angels now, but that she would never leave her.   Of course, I started balling my eyes out...not because I had cared for this girl at her worst and that now she was home and doing well, but because she described how she knew everything was going to be "OK" thanks to her friend. The family went on to describe us nurses as "guardian angels" who watched over her, allowing her to come home.

I frequently hear families calling us guardian angels...but are "we," as nurses, as living humans really guardian angels? I have always thought of guardian angels as "spirits" who watch over us, being there when the need for them is greatest, but never really going away. When faced with a life-threatening or life-altering event, who is there with us, really, besides our families, friends, and strangers (as in the case of hospitalizations)? The story above suggests that there are others watching and protecting us...others that those arounds us cannot see or sense.

Now, when Anakin first sees Padme' he asks her if she is an angel. He then goes on to describe the "rumors" he had heard from the traders about them being from the Moons of Viago and that they were the most beautiful "creatures" in the galaxy. Padme' then calls him a "silly little boy." However, it was fate that introduced Anakin and Padme' that day. Anakin's sense of Padme' being an angel was his way of forseeing her as his guardian angel. Although they were apart for 10 years between TPM and AOTC and then again at frequent intervals throughout the Clone Wars, their connection remained strong. They were each the counterpart of the other...sensing when things were not "right" and living for one another. Each one looked out for the other, although Padme' seemed to be more of a "guardian" to Anakin than was he to her. After her death, Padme' became the "protector" of Anakin's soul during the Dark Times, making herslef known occasionally through her children. When Anakin senses her through Luke, he knows that she never gave up on him...that she lived on through their children.

Now, my questions to you...Do Guardian Angels exist? If they do, are they only made visible to those who need them? Are they "spirits" in the sense that nobody can really see them or are they composed of the matter that form humans and other living beings? Can a living person be considered a Guardian Angel?

Now you don't have to answer every question, or any for that matter. I'm just curious what all of you think about this. May the Force Be With You

Padme'--Force Sensitive or Force Agent?

Originally posted on May 11, 2006

Are you an angel? Anakin to Padme', TMP
Obi-Wan...There's still good in him. I know. There's still... Padme' to Obi-Wan, ROTS

I have been thinking about this topic for a while, especially over the past few days with entries by bloggers such as amidalooine, anakinside1, and Kenobi-fan, who address the forgiveness of Vader and the presence of Padme' with Luke as he confronts Vader in Cloud City and on Endor. Some wonderful ideas and discussions ensued regarding Padme's role in the redemption of Anakin and the saving of the galaxy from the rule of the Sith. These discussions got me to thinking:  Was Padme' Force sensitive or an agent of the Force?

In a way, I believe that she was a little of both. Anakin's first words to Padme' when they met in Watto's junk shop on Tatooine were Are you an angel? It is here that I get the feeling that there is more to Padme' than the "newly elected Queen of Naboo," as Senator Palpatine so eloquently introduces her to the Senate. From the beginning, Anakin senses something in her, something deeper than just another human--a something that will eventually help him regain his soul.

Throughout the PT, I get the impression that Padme' senses things, things she may not be fully aware of why they are there, leading me to believe that she possesses Force sensitivity. In TMP, she finishes Anakin's statement about missing his mother...then goes on to say that she doesn't need the snippet to remember him. She also "knew" where to find the Viceroy during the Battle of Naboo. In AOTC, it was almost as if she knew the ship would be attacked, even as Typho said he was wrong..."I guess there was no danger." Later, she appeared to know there was more to Anakin's dream about his mother than he was telling her...and she knew he would eventualy need her support when they left for Tatooine. During the Battle of Geonosis, she knew that Anakin was in trouble in the hangar...she had to get there right away. It has also been argued that the look on her face during their wedding was one of foreboding--that she knew that this relationship would have dire consequences for both of them...and I agree with this. It may have been a maturity difference between Padme' and Anakin, but I believe that she knew what was to come. In ROTS, she knows Anakin is reaching out to her as they stare across the Coruscant landscape...and that he is troubled by his thoughts of losing her. As she is watching the Temple burn, I believe that she is sensing the horror that is occurring and fears that Anakin may be involved on a deeper level. She cries when 3PO tells her that "the Chancellor's office has indicated that Master Anakin has returned to the Jedi Temple" not out of fear that he has been killed in the fire, but that her worst fear of his involvement has "come true." As she stares out the window of her cruiser after arriving on Mustafar, she appears to be reflecting on the past and the words of Obi-Wan, hoping they are not true--although she knows that Anakin has changed. These are just a few examples of her Force-sensitivity and are by no means meant to be exhaustive.

Padme' could also be an Agent of the Force. She was a strong leader, both as a Queen and as a Senator. She fought hard for her beliefs and stuck by her convictions even if they were in conflict with the majority. She, as a Force-sensitive being, knew that the actions taken by the Senate against the Separatists were going to lead them to war. She fought hard to maintain peace, but eventually saw that war was inevitable and reluctantly agreed to go against her beliefs and convictions and allowed the Chancellor to gain power during the Clone Wars. She, along with approximately 2000 other Senators, believed that the Chancellor had gained too much power and petitioned to have control returned to the Senate. She was a leading force behind the Rebellion and was not afraid to let it be known. She was able to hold onto life long enough for her children to be born and to instill her belief that there was still good in Anakin. Whether this was the result of Force sensitivity or Force agency is up for debate--however, to me, it is a little of both. Following her death, she continued to make her presence known...through her fellow Senators and through her children. She may not have discovered the "secret" of "eternal life" that Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Yoda did; however, her spirit lived through others. As both Kenobi-fan and amidalooine said in their entries...Padme' was with Luke when he confronted Vader in Cloud City and again on the bridge on Endor. Padme' also made herself known through Leia--when she was able to sense Luke in Cloud City and again when Luke asked her about her mother on Endor. Padme' never left Anakin--she was a driving "force" behind his redemption and the destruction of Darth Vader.

Going back to Anakin's first words to Padme', Are you an angel?, the feeling he may have experienced may have been more of her ability to be and agent of the Force rather than her ability to be Force sensitive. However, in her life, Padme' was able to express a role as both a Force-sensitive being and an agent of the Force.

Thoughts? Anyone?
May the Force Be With You