Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Mouse of a Tail...

This past week has been full of news for my area of the world...earlier in the week, Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy made landfall and, although we do not live along the Eastern coastline, we still felt the effects of strong winds and heavy rains; our power went out for several hours; work was a mad house; and it was announced that Disney bough LucasFilm for some $4+ billion...and that there will be another trilogy!!  When my husband told me the news about this Tuesday night, I pretty much said to him "good one honey...I don't believe that."  Sadly, I saw the news the next morning when I was able to log onto my Facebook and other Star Wars related was true, and I owed my husband a HUGE apology ;)  I was in total shock with the announcement...Lucas sold his "baby" to another franchise and there are going to be more Star Wars movies!! 

I remain torn in my thoughts of the news...even after a week since the announcement. I know that we fans have wanted more in terms of Star Wars movies and television shows.  I, like many, hope that Disney can do the movies justice and will maintain continuity with what is already out there.  Will the original trio return?  Apparently, Harrison Ford is considering returning.  I know that George Lucas had met with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill back in August to let them know about his plans for selling LucasFilm.  Hopefully, the gang will be willing to get back together, if even for one movie.  I hope that the release of books and other media continues as it has, as these have been a source of entertainment and information for many of us...they keep the story going.  I know people who write fan fiction and produce fan movies...will they still be able to do these things?  Will there still be Celebrations and other events where Star Wars fans and celebrities make appearances?

 As a member of the Rebel Legion, I worry about how our relationship with Disney will be...will LucasFilm still have a say in the Legions' (Rebel and 501st) participation in events, or will Disney have the final say.  Will we be allowed to continue our charity work and will we still be allowed to make our costumes without fear of being pursued for copyright infringement?  I love what the Legion does and what it stands for...and I love bringing smiles to the faces of children whenever they see us at events.  We have been told that our operations will continue as usual, but I still worry about what will change as things are finalized between LucasFilm and Disney.

There are many questions that have yet to be answered in the past week, and lots of speculation on the next movie and about fan relations.  I am taking the watch and wait approach...with cautious optimism.  As a blogger and costumer, I do have my concerns...and I hope that they will be put at ease sooner rather than later.

Until more news on this comes out...May the Force Be With You All!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Celebration VI...Memories To Last A Lifetime

Well hello everyone...long time no blog!!  Things have been crazy at the old homestead.  My husband and I took the opportunity to attend Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL at the end of August...and we had a blast!!  I had every intention of writing a long blog entry detailing our trip, but, alas, Darth Real Life took hold.  It was just a few days after returning from Orlando before I had to return to work...and that work included my full time job at the hospital, and my new part time job as a nursing clinical instructor.  Add to that duties at home, my son being a very energetic 2-1/2 year old, and my husband returning to school, and there is little time for anything else. 

Our time in Orlando was pretty much spent relaxing the few days before the convention started, attending the four day convention, and then relaxing for the few days after the end of the convention before returning home.  We arrived a few days early so that we could catch up on some sleep, relax, and do a little shopping for the kids...because, frankly, we needed the break :)  We had also decided to stay a couple of extra days so that we could recover from the convention "madness" before making the approximately 18-20hour trip back home.  The first part of our trip, including the convention days, was filled with some nice, but humid, weather; while the last few days were filled with the remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac...which meant RAIN!!

I really do not know what to say about the convention itself, except that it was AWESOME!!  Although I had a great time at the last Celebration I attended (which was CIV), I had a much better time this time around.  Maybe it was because I had been to a Celebration before...or maybe it was the company this time around ;)  Whatever it was, I can say that I was better prepared this time around, and did not miss out on too much of anything I wanted to see/do.  My husband and I were able to attend some panels and we were also able to see a few celebrities during their shows:  Ian McDiarmid, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, and Warwick Davis.  We also attended the "Super Secret Star Wars Panel" with Seth Green and company where none other than "The Maker" himself appeared on stage!!  I could not believe it...and my husband said that I "squealed like a litte fan girl."  I also had the opportunity to participate in the Rebel Legion's Royalty/Senatorial costuming panel, the Great Lakes Base and Rebel Legion group photos, and the Celebration Costume Contest (in which, of course, I did not even place).  Of course I dressed in costume every day...wearing Classic Leia on Thursday, Padme's Blue Linen gown on Friday, Breha Organa's gown on Saturay, and Padme's Tatooine Poncho on Sunday.  I was able to see and do so much more than I did last time...and I would not trade this experience for anything!

One thing I did learn, really do know who some of your "true friends" are in situations/circumstances like these.  In 2007, I attended CIV with a group of ladies I had met through the old Star Wars blogs...a group of ladies with whom I had connected (including a few that lived locally to me) both on and off site.  However, as time passed after the convention, I was feeling a bit of a distance between myself and several of the group's members...I did not feel like I fit in any longer.  The breaking point for my participation in the group came when I met my husband...and how I stood my ground to the others in how I felt and how things were going to go.  After this, I severed ties with the group, until I joined Facebook and reconnected with a few of those with whom I was closest.  Things still are not the same as they were back in 2007/08, but I can handle that.  Through my "run-ins" with some of the ladies who were in attendance at the convention, I could immediatey tell who had gotten over the events of four years ago and who still were holding a grudge (who had "grown up" versus who had not).  When the people you were once friends with look down/away or turn to walk the other way when they see know that they were only there "for the season" and not for life.  I could care less if I have any interaction with those who did not acknowledge my presence when they clearly noticed me there, right in front of them.  I made my choices and they made theirs...and I am a better person for it.

As we look to the future of Star Wars Celebrations...I can only hope that they will be as good (or better) than this one was.  May The Force Be With You...Always!!

P.S.  I was planning to attach photos, but have not had the time to organize them in any certain way for me to be able to do so.  I hope you all understand :) 
Also, I will have a blog about the new buy-out by Disney of LucasFilm out shortly.  Months with no new blog, and two out in a short time...the world must really be ending!! ;)